Remote Control System


Nowadays, and as a consequence of the huge quantity of control and security systems needed at parking lots, exist inside them, a lot of different and independent installations. Like: Control Access, Fire detection, Fire Action, Lighting, Ventilation, CO Extraction, Ticketing, and many others. This implies that Parking Lots are transformed in a complicated work place, were the quantity of potential and real incidences is exponentially multiplied. Usually, we will have several workers exclusively dedicated to the managing of these incidences, while the parking lot is open, instead of serving the parking user and parking itself.
At Pegasus Solutions, we have developed a powerful working tool, which allows Integrating all this systems in a sole control, managing, and incidence solving platform. And even more, trough cloud computing, everything can be monitorized remotely, from a far away control center. Usable also for other parking lots.
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